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Supernatural Investigations (Book 1): Dead Man's Tale

Police Detective Andrew Holden has a secret; he can see ghosts. It's a pretty handy skill considering he works in the homicide department. His solve rate is at an all-time high and has attracted the attention of higher ups. His latest case—a kid found with fang marks on his neck—can only cause more issues. With a ghost that won’t talk, one that talks too much, and rumors of some kind of cult, another detective breathing down his neck is the last thing he needs.

Fae Detective Sean Farley, team lead of Supernatural Liaisons East, doesn’t have time to waste investigating police detectives whose only discernible crime is competence. He has real supernatural cases to solve and humans to keep safe (and ignorant). When the team is sent to Detective Holden’s backwater precinct, Sean’s not convinced of foul play, especially after he finds out that Drew is completely human. Drawn to Drew, the two men grow closer, and Sean wonders if they could be more than just colleagues. But when another body appears, Sean isn’t sure that Holden’s so innocent anymore...


- - -

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