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Public Limited Cupids (Book 1): Callum and the Cupids

Recent university graduate Callum is in urgent need of a job if he plans on eating or keeping a roof over his head. An interview at local dating agency Cupids might be the thing to save him, but the Cupids aren't exactly traditional matchmakers...

Caught up in the middle of demigods, cupids and a whole host of weird, Callum isn't sure what's going to snap first; his sanity or his temper. He just needs to keep thinking about that pay cheque... and his two rather attractive colleagues.

Public Limited Cupids looking after the business of love for thousands of years! This MMM romance is part of the Public Limited Cupids series and can be read as a standalone novella. Callum and the Cupids features one rather confused human, a half-fairy, a weather-controlling demigod who wears his heart on his sleeve, and just a little cupid’s magic to ensure a happy ending.

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