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Riza's short story 'One Small Step' was accepted for publication in Ninestar Press's

Teacher's Pet 2 anthology which is slated for release in August 2018. 

- - -

Student mage Ilya regrets not paying more attention in class when he finds himself literally falling headfirst into the middle of a forest. He was only supposed to teleport a hundred yards but he's managed to end up two hundred miles away. Concussed, exhausted and completely underdressed for the bitter winter weather, Ilya is rescued by the handsome Søren.

Sparks fly between the two mages while Ilya recovers from his ordeal but they both know it won't lead anywhere since Ilya has to return to his hometown. That doesn't mean that Ilya can't dream though...

- - -

Dead Man's Tale; book 1 in the Supernatural Liasons series is coming in the new year!


- - -

Police Detective Andrew Holden can see ghosts which is pretty handy considering he works in the homicide department. It’s an alright job he supposes, though it’s killer on his love life.


The latest case- a kid found with fang marks on his neck can only cause more issues for him. With his time consumed by a ghost that won’t talk, one that talks too much and rumors of some kind of murder cult, Drew would give anything for a quiet night in.

Detective Sean Farley’s team has been bought in to investigate a police detective that’s just a bit too good at his job. The brass seem to think he’s some kind of supernatural creature or sicko murderer. Sean’s not convinced, especially after he finds out that Drew is completely human and the latest murder was clearly committed by a vampire.


Working together to find the murderer, the two men get closer and Sean wonders if they could be more than just colleagues. But then another body appears and Sean isn’t sure that Holden’s so innocent anymore.

- - -

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